Interested to participate in our studies?

We could not do studies without our participants, and therefore you, our potential or already included study participant, are our number one cooperation partner for the success of our science!

In order to make participation as interesting as possible for you, we try to collect data as far as possible in a way that also brings a profit to you: Be it a better understanding of mobility and daily function, a better understanding of the disease, or even an idea of how to better cope with the limitations.

Interested? We are looking for you, if you

  • are older than 55
  • are a healthy person
  • have Parkinson’s disease and are mobile
  • have Multiple Sclerosis
  • had a proximal femoral fracture

To participate in one of our studies, please get in touch with Kirstin Hansen (+49 431 500 23895) or send us an email (

Under this link you will find some information for people with Parkinson’s disease and relatives.

On the Youtube channel of the UKSH you will find a lecture by Walter Maetzler on the subject of gait disorders in elderly people. The lecture is entitled: In advanced age and Parkinson’s disease – thinking errors that lead to falls.

Please take a look at the video below: It gives information about our studies with wearable sensors in home environment.