Who We Are

Walter Maetzler (MD)

Walter is trained as a neurologist and geriatrist, and holds a professorship in neurogeriatrics at the Medical Faculty of Kiel University. He is the head of the research group.

Clint Hansen (PhD)

Clint is a sports scientist and deputy group leader. He is well acquainted with sensor systems and coordinates algorithm development.

Masoud Abedinifar (PhD)

Masoud is a mechatronics engineer who holds a PhD from Istanbul Technical University. He has taken part in various academic and industrial projects. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher in our working group, focusing on algorithm development. His interests encompass mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, data management, and machine learning.

Morad Elshehabi (MD)

Morad did his PhD in our group and was working as a resident in our neurology department. Therefore, he is familiar with many older projects (e.g. TREND study, www.trend-studie.de). Although he now works at another clinic, he continues to be part of the scientific network of our team.  His main topics are the integration of movement, algorithm development and validation, data management and interpretation..

Kirsten Emmert (PhD)

Kirsten is a neuroscientist by training and currently coordinates research for the IDEA-FAST project. Besides IDEA-FAST, she is involved in scientific writing including new grant applications.

Johanna Geritz (PhD fellow)

Hanna is a neuropsychologist and is in the final stages of her PhD Project, which she is doing in collaboration with the Institute of Psychology at University Lübeck.

Office hours: Monday 15:30-17:00 & Friday 8:30-9:30

Pia Goerrissen (MA)

Pia is a sports scientist. In our team, she is currently responsible for the management of study participants and the coordination of the IDEA-FAST and Mobilise-D studies. Furthermore, she examines participants herself.

Kirstin (Crispy) Hansen

Crispy is Walter’s personal assistant and as an all-rounder she is the good fairy of the whole team. She knows about (almost) everything that happens in the group.

Markus Hobert (MD, PhD fellow)

Markus also works as a resident in the neurology department. He has many years of experience in neurogeriatric research, especially in the field of the motor-cognitive interaction, neurodegenerative diseases and deep brain stimulation.

Bruno Kusznir Vitturi (MD)

Bruno is a Medical Doctor with a special interest in clinical research and neurology. He is particularly interested in the impact of neurological diseases on patients’ lives and how clinical research can minimize it in a sustainable way.

Corina Maetzler (MA)

Corina is originally a linguist (German/Romance studies). She is responsible for the project management of the EU projects IDEA-FAST and Mobilise-D, for databases in REDCap (including the project COVIDOM) and for the finances of our research group.

Christian Neumann (PhD fellow)

As a neuropsychologist and scientific doctoral student Christian is responsible for the organization and data evaluation of the COVIDOM study. His thematic focus is on fatigue and the exploration of biological markers. For the statistical evaluation he mostly applies regression analysis.

Theo Nerdal (MD)

Theo works as a resident and is involved in both patient care and science. His passion is eye movement disorders, which he studies in the research group in various disease patterns.

Robbin Romijnders (PhD)

Robbin comes from biomedical engineering and he is writing his doctoral thesis in cooperation with the Kiel Faculty of Technology. His research focuses on the feasibility and acceptance of a patient-controlled electronic health record and on fall prediction.

Karolina Saegner (PhD)

Karolina is a human movement scientist currently working on her doctoral thesis, which focuses on qualitatively assessing the way people move both in and outside of the lab. She employs motion capture, wearable sensors, and various statistical techniques.

Lina Stagneth (PhD fellow)

Lina is a neuropsychologist and, in addition to her clinical work, also works as a research doctoral student in the research group. She is particularly interested in cognitive processes in geriatric patients in connection with EEG examinations.

Vaishali Vinod (PhD fellow)

Vaishali, also known as Lila, is a biomedical researcher who graduated from the Master’s program in Medical Life Sciences at Kiel University. Her research focuses on understanding gait-related EEG potentials in Parkinson’s disease and evaluating the validity of preprocessing algorithms in analyzing mobile EEG data.

Julius Welzel (PhD fellow)

Julius is also a neuropsychologist and scientific doctoral student as Hanna. He is an EEG and statistics specialist and interested in the integration of movement, algorithm development and validation, data management and interpretation.

Office hours: Wednesday 16:00-18:00 & Friday 8:30-9:30

Doctoral Students